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Hi, welcome to the Spurse | A Social Shopping App testing family

Spurse is THE App for promoting products with friends. On Spurse, short-form videos are created to promote products you love and earn money when someone shops. Whether you’re not an influencer, you will have access to millions of products and the technology to make money in a fun way. You just need to connect with friends, create content tagging your favorite products, and get paid when someone shops. We make it fun for users to discover products and create their own original videos tagging products. And if that is not enough we have an autopilot mode, that will boost your earnings like it is in "Ludicrous Mode" which means spurse will pay you anytime your friends shop, not only through your content but also when they buy anything at Spurse. You can be sleeping and making money when a friend is going to buy a Burger in a Spurse merchant, or going for a drink and seeing your friend receiving a notification that she has earned some money because of your purchase. ■ Discover products on videos customized specifically for you A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, share and shop. Spurse offers you a fun way to discover products and make money when you or your friends shop. ■ Shop by clicking any product tagged on the video. ■ Create or upload your own content as an influencer, tag products and make money when someone shops. ■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free Soon music creators will be able to upload their own song to the Spurse community and earn money when someone shop through a post using their song. ■ We don't have the store you like? Small brands can also connect their Shopify store and upload their products and let anyone promote them. ■ Earn Money on Autopilot. Earn money anytime your friends shop. ■ Best Friends and Family. Create your best and family group and share with them more money when you shop. ■ Be on the top of the list Be on the top of your friend's network. You can move up positions automatically based on your purchase activity and earn more money by being in the top of their list. ■ Earn Money on Autopilot. Earn money anytime your friends shop online and in-store. ■ Cash Out, transfer money. Cash-out via Paypal or Venmo. You can also transfer money to a friend at no cost. Soon the Spurse Debit Card.

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